Update to my efforts to learn to make games for the Atari 2600

  • December 12, 2019
  • Noah Glaser
  • 1 min read

Using assembly language is interesting. Everything is in old school binary/hexadecimal references. Code is usually very straight forward in regards to the fact that you are literally telling specific components of hardware how to behave. This fact requires you to actually have some insight into the hardware of the console as you will be referring to individual memory spaces and sending code to different components. I am currently exploring how to manipulate the graphics of a television set using hexadecimal values. Of course,  the hexadecimal values are different depending on the region that the television is from, so it requires that I look into color palettes of devices and that I reference hard coded inputs of the processor. Fun!

Anyways, here is a screenshot of a yellow television screen. That is what I have done so far…it is more impressive than it looks. I am hoping that I am able to take away some lessons from this activity that will one day lead to curricula that will allow education majors to design and create video games. 

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