who am i?

About me

My name is Noah Glaser. I do a lot of things so it is hard to describe myself. Here is a quick summary of my research interests and hobbies for you to browse at your leisure.

  • User Experience Research Design, development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative educational software, systems, and experiences through user-centered lenses.
  • Emerging Technologies Exploring the potential of emerging technologies such as, immersive worlds, games, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and mobile devices to support the teaching and learning process
  • Learning Analytics Advancement of educational interventions and outcomes through machine learning processes of learner and user analytics including EEG, eye tracking, and physiological data
  • STEAM Learning Creating safe places for kids of all ages to develop interests in STEAM.
  • Social Justice Deeply concerned with ethics, inclusion, equity, diversity, and socially just practices of using emerging technologies
Believe it or not, I do have a life outside of academia. When I am not at my desk I enjoy:
  • Playing video games
  • Collecting retro games and consoles
  • Exploring nature
  • Hanging with my dog, Dodgson
  • Going antiquing and thrifting
  • Checking out local museums and exhibits

I am a Ph.D that currently works as an Assistant Professor in the School of Information Science & Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri

I am the director of the Information Experience Lab

I am a designer

I am an educator

I am an activist

I am a tech enthusiast

I am a gamer

I swear I am real

Pictures so you know I am real!