Epilepsy Journey

Epilepsy Journey is an online learning environment that incorporates an overarching journey metaphor as a central design element. When patients log in to Epilepsy Journey, they are presented with a map of ten different lands, each representing a distinct instructional unit. For example, the problem-solving unit is represented as Problem-solving Peak and the unit on sleep and stress is called the Land of Nod. Patients are guided on their journey through the different lands by a cartoon character named Brainy who acts as a virtual coach and guide, providing assistance and encouragement. As patients make their way through each land, they encounter a variety of multimedia and game-like features, including animations, videos, and mini-games. Patients are able to track their status using a progress bar and earn digital badges upon completion of each unit. Epilepsy Journey was built using the WordPress content management system. 

Client or Funding Source

Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Release Date

October 6, 2016

Technology Used


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Epilepsy Journey screenshot
Epilepsy Journey screenshot