Ocarina of Time Walkthrough from ChatGPT

  • February 16, 2023
  • Noah Glaser
  • 51 min read

Kokiri Forest

After waking up in your cozy treehouse, you’ll be greeted by Navi, your lifelong fairy companion. The Great Deku Tree has summoned you for a rare audience, so it’s time to head out of your home and talk to your childhood friend, Saria. She’ll give you a brief overview of what’s been happening in the forest, and then you’ll be ready to embark on your quest through Hyrule.

Before you can meet the Great Deku Tree, you’ll need to obtain a sword and shield. Mido, the village bully, is blocking the path to the Great Deku Tree and won’t let you through without them. The Kokiri Sword can be found in the Forest Training Center, located in the southwestern area of the village. Look for a small hole in the wall next to a sign, and crawl through it. Follow the path and avoid the rolling boulder until you reach the Kokiri Sword in a large chest.

Now that you have your sword, it’s time to get a shield. The Deku Shield can be purchased from the Kokiri Shop for 40 Rupees, which can be obtained by cutting grass or finding hidden treasure around the village. Once you have your shield, equip both your sword and shield in the start menu.

Speak to Mido to let you through to the Great Deku Tree. On your way there, you’ll encounter Deku Babas that emerge from the ground. You can defeat them with your sword to collect Deku Sticks, which can be used to light torches and for basic attacks.

Once you’ve defeated the Deku Babas and made your way to the Great Deku Tree, you’ll be ready to begin your first dungeon. Good luck on your journey through the land of Hyrule!

Inside the Deku Tree

To save the Great Deku Tree, you must break the curse inside him. Inside, be careful of the Deku Babas which are dangerous, so use your shield to deflect their attacks and strike them immediately after to defeat them. Climb the vines to the next platform and go left for a heart or right for a big treasure chest with a Dungeon Map inside.

To get the Fairy Slingshot, proceed past the treasure chest until you reach a door, and defeat the Deku scrub inside. The platform in the middle collapses upon contact, so move quickly to reach the other side and open the treasure chest containing the Fairy Slingshot. The gold ground switch will light the torch and burn the web around it, where you’ll find a heart in the adjacent chest. Light a Deku Stick to burn the spider web blocking the door and proceed to the next room.

In the next room, beat the Deku Scrub to learn how to defeat his brothers. Aim the Slingshot at the silver eye above the locked door to unlock it. Hit the underwater switch by floating above it and hold down the “A” button to dive until you hit it, which will lower the water level. Ride the floating platform to the opposite side and kill the Skulltula hanging around the box, then pull the box to reach the ledge to the next room. Quickly light both unlit braziers to proceed into the room thereafter.

In the boss’s lair, target Queen Gohma with Z-target and wait for her eye to turn red. When it does, use your Slingshot to send a seed into her eye, which immediately stuns her, allowing you to deliver several blows before she recovers. Repeat until the Queen is defeated, collect the Heart Container and walk into the portal that takes you back outside.

To leave Kokiri Forest, exit through the unguarded doorway on the west side, and talk to Saria who gives you the Fairy Ocarina.

Princess of Destiny: Hyrule Castle

After leaving Kokiri Forest, head north towards Hyrule Castle. If it becomes nighttime, fight off the Stalchildren until the drawbridge lowers in the morning.

In Hyrule Market, enter the door next to the guard on the drawbridge and break the crates to reveal a Gold Skulltula (4/100). After defeating it, you’ll receive a Golden Skull Token.

Talk to Malon near the center of town to learn that her father went missing while delivering milk to the castle. Climb the vines next to her, work your way across the cliff, and jump off the top of the gate to the ground below. Sneak past the guards, climb the vines on the wall to the left, and dive into the castle moat. Swim to the far corner and crawl through the opening.

In the castle courtyard, sneak past the guards and approach the young girl at the window to meet Princess Zelda. She tasks you with finding the other two Spiritual Stones and gives you Zelda’s Letter. Impa will teach you the song Zelda’s Lullaby, and take you to the drawbridge in front of Castle Town, instructing you to go to Death Mountain for the next Spiritual Stone.

Before heading back to Kokiri Forest, go to the Shooting Gallery in the town square and win the Big Deku Seed Bullet Bag by shooting ten rupee targets with your slingshot.

To get the two Heart Pieces in Hyrule Marketplace, take the white dog running around the Bazaar to the alley to the right of the exit leading to the drawbridge and talk to the lady inside. After talking to the Fairy of Power on the summit of Death Mountain, go to the bombchu bowling alley and win the prize for three turns, or win two turns after losing the third turn.

Lost Woods

The Lost Woods can be a tricky place to navigate, as taking the wrong path sends you back to the entrance. To stay on track, follow the music and if the sound fades, you’re headed in the wrong direction.

To get to the Sacred Forest Meadow, go right, left, right, left, straight, left, and right. Once there, you must navigate a maze while fighting off Mad Scrubs at every turn. When you reach the end of the maze, climb the stairs and meet Saria, who will teach you Saria’s Song.

Before you exit the area, take note of the ladder that can save you from navigating the maze again. However, don’t miss out on the nearby Fairy Fountain – fall down the first hole after climbing the ladder and catch fairies in a bottle to revive you automatically.

If you want to upgrade your Deku Seed Bullet Bag, head right from the Lost Woods entrance and hit the wooden target with your slingshot to get the Biggest Deku Seed Bullet Bag, which can carry 50 seeds. To carry more Deku Sticks, go left twice and defeat the Business Scrub to get the upgrade for 40 rupees.

There are two Heart Pieces available at this point. Head back to the Lost Woods entrance and play Saria’s Song on the smaller stump on the left to befriend the Skull Kid and receive a Heart Piece. Return to the entrance and go right to the grotto, where you can participate in a memory game with the Skull Kids to get another Heart Piece.

For two more Heart Pieces, go to Gerudo Valley and use a cucco to fly to a ledge on the other side of the bridge for the first Heart Piece. Then fly east to reach a platform beside a waterfall and climb the ladder to find the other Heart Piece behind the falls.

Kakariko Village

To begin your ascent of Death Mountain, first you’ll need to show Zelda’s Letter to the guard at the gate to gain access. The guard also hints at the start of the happy mask shop side quest, which you can learn more about in the Side Quests section. Once the gate is open, you’ll need to navigate through a trail filled with jumpy Red Tektites. Follow the trail up to the entrance of Goron City to continue your journey.

Goron City

Goron City is a multi-level fortress inhabited by rock-eating Gorons. To reach the bottom level, you need to play Zelda’s Lullaby on the mat in front of Darunia’s locked lair. However, if you have Saria’s Song, playing it in front of him will brighten up his mood. You can also take a shortcut to the Lost Woods by using a Deku stick on the bomb flower.

When Darunia sees you playing Saria’s Song, he will reward you with the Goron’s Bracelet. This bracelet allows you to pluck bomb flowers from their bed, which have a timer that starts once they are removed. After exploding, bomb flowers grow back after a few seconds.

There’s a giant urn in the city center surrounded by unlit braziers. Light the braziers with a flame from Darunia’s room and throw a bomb flower into the top of the jar when it starts spinning. If it stops on the happy face, a Heart Piece appears.

With the new bracelet in hand, go back to the top of Goron City and exit through the same way you came in.

Dodongo’s Cavern

To enter Dodongo’s Cavern, you need to destroy a large boulder blocking the entrance. After leaving Goron City, go to the right and you’ll find a bomb flower next to a Goron. Pick up the bomb flower and throw it over the fence toward the boulder. If you did it correctly, the boulder will be destroyed. Inside the cavern, you need to break another wall with a bomb flower to progress. Be careful not to touch any fire, as it will destroy your Deku Shield. The primary cavern has a central platform that can be reached by using surrounding platforms that don’t fully submerge in the lava. Beamos enemies rotate and shoot beams when in their line of sight, but they can be destroyed with a bomb flower. You can get the Dungeon Map by using a bomb flower to break the cracked wall on the left side of the room. To unlock the gated door, you need to move one of the Armos statues onto the blue switch. After heading through the next two doors, you’ll face a twin pair of Lizalfos, which can be defeated by defending and retaliating or using the slingshot. You’ll find a Bomb Bag in the next room, which can hold 20 bombs. To reach the boss, you need to extend the moving platform below by using a switch, then go to the wooden bridge suspended over the giant Dodongo skull and drop bombs down the gaps until the eyes turn red and the mouth opens. Inside the mouth, you’ll find a switch that won’t stay down without something holding it, which can be achieved by pushing a block down from above. The dungeon boss, King Dodongo, can be defeated by throwing bombs into its mouth while it inhales, then hitting it with your sword, and sidestepping its rolling attacks. After defeating the boss, you’ll receive a Heart Container and the Goron’s Ruby.

Epona’s Song

The center of Hyrule Field is where you’ll find Lon Lon Ranch, owned by Talon along with his daughter Malon and their co-worker Ingo. This is where you’ll meet Epona, your future horse, and discover some essential items such as a Bottle, a Heart Piece, a song for your Ocarina, and a few Gold Skulltulas.

Visit the ranch during the day and enter the barn on the left. You’ll see many cuccos inside! Talk to the napping Talon, and he will offer you a game for 10 rupees. In the game, he will throw three super cuccos among a group of regular cuccos, and you’ll have to identify them within the time limit. The trick to winning is to talk to Talon from an angle that allows you to see where the super cucco will land. If you succeed, Talon will give you a Bottle full of Lon Lon Milk, which restores 5 hearts and contains two servings per bottle.

At night, you can find a Heart Piece in the silo at the back of the ranch. Move the Lon Lon Ranch crates until you can reach a crawl space in the corner wall where a single cow sleeps among hay. As you crawl through, the Heart Piece will come into view.

Malon and a foal named Epona stand in the center of the corral. Talk to Malon and then play Epona’s Song on your Fairy Ocarina while facing her. She’ll teach you the song, which you can use to summon Epona and obtain Lon Lon Milk from cows.

You can find two Gold Skulltulas at the ranch right now, with two more accessible after obtaining the boomerang. During the night, look for one hanging out in the tree next to the barn house and knock it down by rolling into the tree. The other one is behind the brown structure as part of the corral fence. Head towards the silo at the back of the ranch and then search along the corral.

Return as an adult to obtain Epona

Visiting Zora’s Domain

To reach Zora’s River, head along the river outside of Kakariko Village and use bombs to blow up the rocks blocking your way. Along the way, you can find a Gold Skulltula by rolling into a nearby tree. Keep an eye out for a chicken and a bean-seller who offers Magic Beans for 10 rupees each. These beans can be planted in soil and later grow into platforms to reach inaccessible areas. For now, plant one in the Kakariko Graveyard and buy two more for Heart Pieces later in the game.

On the way to Zora’s Domain, use the lone cucco near the Magic Bean to help you get two Heart Pieces. One is located on a ledge protruding from a wall behind a waterfall, and the other requires running along a path while lighting torches along the way. At Zora’s Domain, go to King Zora’s chamber, then take the first left to find a Zora who will challenge you to a diving game. Collect every rupee as you dive down the waterfall, and he’ll reward you with the Silver Scale, which allows you to dive deeper into the water.

To get a Heart Piece from King Zora’s chamber, light a Deku Stick and use it to ignite a series of torches while quickly running along a path without stopping. If you’re fast enough, a chest will appear with the Heart Piece. Next, head to Lake Hylia and explore the fishing hut, where you can catch a lunker for a Heart Piece, and create a Scarecrow Song with Bonooru. At night, you can find a Gold Skulltula climbing on the side of the Professor’s Laboratory.

Before entering Lord Jabu-Jabu’s domain, find a hidden fairy fountain by placing a bomb next to a boulder behind him. Playing Zelda’s Lullaby at the fountain will give you Farore’s Wind, which lets you create return points in dungeons. You’ll also find a Gold Skulltula by rolling into a nearby tree. Finally, capture a fish in a bottle and release it in front of Jabu-Jabu to be sucked inside.

Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly

To begin, equip the Deku shield to deflect projectiles and eliminate the Octoroks and Shaboms in the first room. Hit the white bulbous switch to remove the protective membrane from the door. The Biri (jellyfish) are best ignored since touching them while they channel electricity will jolt you. Princess Ruto will then appear, fall through a hole and need your help. Pick her up and carry her around to solve puzzles, but put her down to attack enemies.

Walk through the nearby door and throw Princess Ruto up to the other side of the water. Hit the switch to raise the water level and join her, watching out for the Stingers. Get rid of the Shaboms and shoot the ceiling switch with your slingshot before killing the Octorok in the next room. Wait for a platform to lower down and take it up a floor to a room you were in before.

Return to the room with all the holes and cross it to reach the door on the opposite side. Avoid the Bari and head right first to step on the switch while holding onto Ruto. Kill the stingers in the next room to obtain the Boomerang, which can defeat most of the dungeon’s enemies and retrieve items from a distance.

Take Ruto to the opposite branching pathway to hold down the switch, and go through the door without her. L-target the Parasitic Tentacle at its narrowest point and assault it with the boomerang. Defeat the tentacle to obtain the Dungeon Map, and go through the door on the left to burst all the Shaboms and earn the Compass.

Take Princess Ruto down the hall to the opposite side where the blue tentacle blocking the boomerang is now eliminated. Defeat the final Parasitic Tentacle and its army of Biri before falling through the hole on the west side of the room, which was previously occupied by a blue tentacle. Defeat the Mini-Boss, Bigocto, by catching up to him, stunning him with the boomerang, and hitting the green jewel on his back.

Ride the elevator up, kill the Octorok with your slingshot, and petrify the jelly-like platforms with the boomerang to use them as stepping stones. Place a box on the switch to hold the door open and kill the Biri in the next room. Climb the vines to the top, L-target the switch, and throw the boomerang at it to unlock the door on the north side of the room.

In the final boss battle against Barinade, circle around him to avoid electric shock from his tentacles. Lock onto the tendons connecting him to the ceiling, and take them out with your boomerang. Once disconnected, the jellyfish will swing out from his body. Throw the boomerang at his central body until you stun him, then take out the jellyfish using your boomerang. Repeat until all jellyfish are gone, stun Barinade and slice him with your sword to defeat him.

After collecting the Heart Container, return outside Jabu-Jabu where Princess Ruto gives you the last of the Spiritual Stones, the Zora’s Sapphire. You can also find a Gold Skulltula on a wall near where Ruto gives you the Spiritual Stone at night.

Temple of Time

Proceed to Hyrule Castle to initiate a cut-scene, where Zelda and Impa make a speedy escape from the castle on horseback. Zelda discards the Ocarina of Time into the water near the drawbridge. Ganondorf appears, and after a brief conversation, he chases after Zelda. Retrieve the Ocarina of Time from the moat where Zelda discarded it and acquire the Song of Time. You now possess the Ocarina of Time and the three Spiritual Stones, allowing you to access the Temple of Time and claim the Master Sword.

To reach the Master Sword and progress the story, you need to return to the Hyrule Marketplace and take the path to the right of the Happy Mask Shop, leading you to the Temple of Time. There, stand in front of the altar and play the Song of Time to open the door to the Master Sword. Draw the sword from the pedestal, triggering a cutscene where you meet Rauru the Sage, who explains why you have aged and tasks you with finding the remaining Sages. As Adult Link, you are then returned to the Temple of Time.

After taking a few steps in this new form, Sheik will appear and initiate a cutscene. As the last surviving Sheikah, Sheik will inform you that you are missing a crucial item needed to enter the Forest Temple.

Prep for Forest Temple

As instructed, make your way to Kakariko Village and proceed to the graveyard. If you previously planted a Magic Bean when you were a child, you can use it to ride a floating platform to reach a ledge with a crate on it. Break the crate to reveal a Heart Piece. On the north side of the graveyard, move the tombstone with flowers in front of it to reveal Dampe’s grave. Inside, you’ll find the spirit of Dampe, who challenges you to a race. Keep up with him as he hovers through a labyrinthine racecourse. Beware, as Dampe throws fire in front of you that can slow you down if you collide with them. Keep up with Dampe to the end to receive his ultimate prize: the Hookshot. After obtaining the Hookshot, you’ll find that the exit is obstructed by strange blocks bearing the symbol from the Temple of Time. Play the Song of Time to dissolve them and leave, taking you straight to the inside of the windmill. Before jumping down, use your newly acquired Hookshot to retrieve the Heart Piece on a platform. Speak to the disgruntled bald man and learn the Song of Storms by playing your Ocarina. Finally, activate the Scarecrow’s Song by playing the same tune you played for Bonooru as a child. Doing so will allow you to summon a Scarecrow Hookshot target in specific areas of the game. To get to Lake Hylia, find the ladder near the Hyrule Field entrance, jump the fence with Epona, or ride the river from Gerudo Desert. Now, head towards Kokiri Forest to continue your quest for the Forest Temple.

Forest Temple

When you enter the Forest Temple, you’ll be greeted by two Wolfos, which you can defeat by waiting for them to attack, dodging their moves, and then hitting them from behind. You can find your first Small Key by climbing up the vines to the right of the entrance and using the Hookshot to grab a chest on the other side of the room. There’s also a Gold Skulltula on the vines, which you can defeat using the Hookshot to grab it and collect the token it drops.

In the main room of the temple, you’ll find that four Poes have extinguished the torches, which has deactivated the elevator. To relight the torches, you’ll need to defeat the Poes, which are hidden throughout the temple.

To get the map, go to the room straight ahead and defeat the Blue Bubble, which can be harmed only when it’s not surrounded by flames. In the next room, you’ll face a pair of Stalfos, which you can defeat by blocking their attacks and striking back when you see an opening. Once you defeat them, you’ll earn a Small Key.

Head back to the main room and play the Song of Time next to the blue block in the corner. Go through the door that appears and climb up the vines on the right to reach a chest containing the Dungeon Map. To find the next key, you’ll need to defeat the Blue Bubble in the next room and climb the ladders to the second floor. Move the blue block as close as you can to the large square indentation on the ground, then circle around to reach it from the other side and continue pushing it until it fits into the indentation.

In the next room, you’ll need to defeat three Stalfos. If you don’t kill the third Stalfos fast enough, the second Stalfos will piece itself back together. To make the fight easier, try changing targets after each successful blow. You’ll earn the Fairy Bow from this fight.

To defeat the Poe Sisters and relight the torches, shoot the painting of the Blue Poe Sister to release her. Defeat her by hitting her with arrows or slashing her with your sword when she’s visible. After you defeat her, you’ll earn a Small Key and a chest will appear containing the Compass.

The Red Poe Sister can be found in the room on the opposite side of the main chamber. Shoot the painting with the Red Poe Sister in it to release her, then defeat her to earn another key. To find the Green Poe Sister, shoot the painting with the Green Poe and piece together the blocks that appear. Defeat the Green Poe to earn the final key and relight the final torch.

Once all the torches are lit, the elevator in the main chamber will reactivate. Use it to reach the boss chamber and face Phantom Ganon. To defeat him, use your bow and arrow to hit the real Phantom Ganon as he emerges from one of the paintings. After three hits, he will dismount from his horse and start shooting projectiles, which you can deflect back at him using your sword. Keep hitting him until he’s defeated and claim the Forest Medallion.

Fire Temple

The Fire Temple is the fifth dungeon in Ocarina of Time, located within the crater of Death Mountain. It’s a fiery, lava-filled place with dangerous traps, obstacles, and powerful enemies.

When you first enter the Fire Temple, you’ll find yourself in a room with a staircase and a locked door. Climb the staircase and unlock the door to find yourself in the main room. This large area is filled with lava, so be sure to equip your Goron Tunic before jumping in.

In the first room with the lava, there is a Gold Skulltula on the east wall. You can easily reach it with the Hookshot.

Watch out for the Fire Keese and Flare Dancer enemies as you make your way around the room. In the northwest corner, there’s a small room with a large statue. Play Zelda’s Lullaby to make it move, revealing a small passageway. Crawl through the passage and climb the ladder to reach a small room with a chest containing the Dungeon Map.

From the main room, head east to find yourself in a room filled with Flare Dancers. Take them out with arrows or bombs to make a chest appear. Inside, you’ll find the Compass.

Head north from the main room to find a large room with a rolling boulder. You’ll need to time your movements to avoid the boulder as you navigate the room. Use bombs to destroy the Beamos statue in the northeast corner to reveal a small passageway. Crawl through the passage to find a chest with a Small Key.

Gold Skulltula: In the room with the rolling boulder, there is a Gold Skulltula on the west wall. You can easily reach it with the Hookshot.

From here, head south and use the Small Key to unlock the door.

In this room, you’ll find a maze filled with boulders and Fire Keese. There are several passageways to explore, but you’ll need to take the path to the left to continue. Follow the path to a small room with a chest containing the Megaton Hammer.

With the Megaton Hammer, you can now break through the rusted switch in the big boulder room to create a shortcut back to the main room.

Back in the maze room, head through the door to the west. You’ll find yourself in a room filled with Flaming Skulltulas. Use your Hookshot to take them out quickly. In the northeast corner of the room, there’s a small alcove with a chest containing a Small Key.

Head back to the big boulder room and use the Small Key to unlock the door to the east.In this room, you’ll face off against two Dodongos. Use your bombs to take them out, then hit the switch to open the door. Head through the door to find yourself in a room with a statue and a locked door. Play Zelda’s Lullaby to make the statue move, then push it onto the switch to unlock the door.

In this large room, you’ll face off against the boss of the Fire Temple, Volvagia. Use your Megaton Hammer to hit him when he pops out of the ground, then attack him with your sword. After several hits, he’ll fly into the air, allowing you to use your Hookshot to pull him down and attack him some more. Once Volvagia is defeated, grab the Heart Container and enter the blue portal to be transported to the Chamber of Sages. Here, you’ll receive the Fire Medallion

Ice Cavern

To find a Gold Skulltula at Zora’s River, look for a high wall in the center of the map. To reach it, take the floating bean platform and jump off onto the platform with a boulder or climb the ladder in the crevice.

To enter the Water Temple, you need to go through a mini-dungeon called the Ice Cavern, which is located where Lord Jabu-Jabu used to be in Zora’s Fountain. The area is frozen over, and you must run across the icebergs to the left to reach the dungeon entrance. As you cross the icebergs, head to the right across the spinning ice blocks to find a Heart Piece.

The Ice Cavern is full of falling icicles and frosty enemies. In the first room, you’ll face off against three Freezard enemies, which can freeze you with their breath. Take them out from afar with your sword or Din’s Fire, and continue to the next room.

In the next room, you need to collect silver rupees while avoiding a giant spinning blade in the center to open the next room. There is also a Gold Skulltula on the west wall, which you can easily defeat with your Hookshot.

The next area has a series of high platforms with Freezards and Ice Keese flying above. These Keese variants can encase you in a block of ice for a few seconds. Hop the platforms to the Blue Fire, which can melt the red ice, including the ice on the treasure chest. You can use the blue fire to melt objects in the room, getting a purple rupee from the pot and the Dungeon Map from the chest. Bottle up some more blue fire, return to the spinning blade room, and use the blue fire to open up the passage to the east. In here, you’ll find another Blue Fire pit, a treasure chest with the Compass, and a Heart Piece.

The next challenge is the ice block puzzle. You need to collect all the silver rupees by pushing the ice block around. There’s also a Gold Skulltula in the room with the big movable ice block, which you can reach using the Hookshot.

Afterward, defeat the Whit Wolfos, and a chest will appear containing the Iron Boots. Sheik will then teach you the Serenade of Water, which can teleport you to Lake Hylia. Remember to grab the Heart Piece submerged deep underwater outside the Ice Cavern and two Bottles worth of Blue Fire on your way out.

To unfreeze King Zora, go back to Zora’s Domain, and use Blue Fire to unfreeze him. He will reward you with the Zora Tunic, which allows you to stay underwater indefinitely while wearing the Iron Boots. You can also use Blue Fire to unfreeze the entrance to the Zora Shop.

Now you can warp to Lake Hylia. To get a Heart Piece, go to the laboratory and access the roof using the floating bean platform or by using the Scarecrow Song to make a scarecrow target appear. Climb the nearby ladder and watch out for Guays.

Use the Scarecrow Song to summon a scarecrow outside the old fishing hut. Catch a fish over 15 pounds to receive the Gold Scale, which allows you to dive even deeper. The largest fish is around the curved log in the center of the pond. Go inside the laboratory, dive to the bottom without using the Iron Boots, and talk to the scientist to receive a Heart Piece. After that, remember to dive back down with the Iron Boots and roll into the crate to get a Gold Skulltula. Use your Hookshot to kill it.

With the Gold Scale in hand, you can now dive deeper and access new areas in the game. One such area is the secret fairy fountain in the southeast corner of Lake Hylia. Swim down to the bottom of the lake with the Iron Boots, then look for a hole in the wall near some small rocks. Swim inside to find a fairy fountain, where you can upgrade your weapons and health.

When you’re ready to move on, head to the Water Temple. Dive to the bottom of the lake with the Iron Boots, and use your Hookshot to hit the target above the entrance to the temple. The entrance is located right under the warp point in Lake Hylia.

Water Temple

To navigate the temple successfully, keep the Zora Tunic equipped at all times to prevent drowning while wearing the Iron Boots. Familiarize yourself with the central room, as you will return here several times throughout the dungeon. Use Faeore’s Wind to reset the warp point to save time.

The first step is to swim over to the right platform, go through the short hallway, and dive into the water, using your Iron Boots to move around underwater. In this particular tunnel, you’ll find a block that you must pull out until it can no longer move, which is essential for later in the game and will save you from unnecessary backtracking.

Return to the center room, throw on the Iron Boots, and sink to the bottom to meet Princess Ruto. She will swim upwards to show you the first place where you can change the water level. After changing the water level, go through the door to encounter some new enemies that can be killed easily with the Hookshot.

To access other parts of the temple, you’ll need to raise and lower the water level to reach new areas. The temple’s layout can be confusing, so keep referring to the map to keep track of where you’re going. Throughout the temple, there are several locked doors that require Small Keys to open, which can be found in various rooms throughout the temple.

Along the way, be sure to collect the Compass and Longshot, and keep an eye out for Gold Skulltulas, which can be found on walls throughout the temple.

Finally, when you reach the end of the temple and approach the door on the opposite side, a barred door will prevent you from progressing. Turn around and walk towards the center island to initiate a battle with your doppelganger, Dark Link. If he doesn’t appear, walk over the small island, then back to the barred doors, and then back to the small island again.

Defeat the Mini-Boss, Dark Link, by slashing away without using Z-target, especially with the Biggoron’s Sword if you have it. For more tips, refer to Shadow Link. Go through the north door and obtain the Longshot from the chest using the Song of Time to make the blue block disappear. While navigating the river, it’s easier to swim than use Iron Boots, but avoid the whirlpools.

To acquire the Boss Key, you need to bring the water to mid-level, first by draining it from the room above Princess Ruto and then raising it at the second Triforce symbol in the central structure. The south doorway is blocked by a gate, which can be opened by firing an arrow at the eye below and using the Hookshot target to cross over. Push the block aside to access the room behind it, where a Small Key is found.

After sinking to the bottom, use the Longshot to cross the spikes and reach the locked door. In the next room, defeat the enemies with your Longshot and bombs, then solve the puzzle to reach the door on the west side. Before entering the water, grab the Gold Skulltula on the wall to the right. To defeat the Dungeon Boss, Morpha, aim your Longshot at the red nucleus when it moves back and forth through the tentacles. After pulling the nucleus close, hit it with your sword and repeat until Morpha is defeated. Collect the Heart Container and the Water Medallion from Ruto.

Return to Lake Hylia, where you will meet Sheik and witness the lake being refilled.To obtain Fire Arrows, head to the Lake Hylia warp point and read the plaque for a clue. Look toward the island with the two epitaphs and use the Sun’s Song to control the passage of time. Wait until the first light of day and shoot an arrow into the rising sun to infuse it with its fiery power. Then, swim over to the island to collect the newly created Fire Arrows.

Before leaving Lake Hylia, it’s a good idea to take care of any unfinished business. Make sure to collect all the Gold Skulltulas from the Water Temple and try your hand at the Fishing mini-game to win the Gold Scale if you haven’t already done so.

Bottom of the Well

After completing the Water Temple, head back to Kakariko Village and enter through the main entrance to trigger a cutscene with Sheik. She will teach you the Nocturne of Shadow, a new song. Before heading out, make sure to learn the Song of Storms from the windmill guy in the village by playing it for him as young Link. This will drain the well and allow you to access the mini-dungeon below.

Note that you can’t trigger the cutscene by descending from Death Mountain, so make sure to enter through the village’s main entrance.

The Bottom of the Well is a short dungeon filled with illusions, such as invisible holes and fake walls. Your goal is to obtain the Lens of Truth, and you may want to equip the Hylian Shield to deal with the Fire Keese. If you fall through an invisible hole, collect the 5 silver rupees to unlock the door leading to the main room. Three are located around the pit of poison, one is at the top of the first ladder, and one is next to the barred door at the top of the second ladder.

Crawl through the small opening, defeat the Skulltula, and go straight through the fake wall behind the skeletal remains to enter the main section of the dungeon. Avoid the Green Bubble and walk only in the water-filled area. Follow the water around to the opposite side of the chamber, where you’ll find a Triforce symbol on the ground. Play Zelda’s Lullaby to drain the water, and return to where you entered this room to find a small pit with a chest containing bombs and a crawl space. Crawl through the small hole, defeat the Skulltula, and enter the next room, where you’ll fight a Dead Hand.

To defeat the Dead Hand, get close to one of the giant hands. When it grabs you, press any buttons rapidly to free yourself. Attack Dead Hand when it gets close and lowers its head. After 10 or so hits, the Dead Hand will be defeated, and you’ll earn the Lens of Truth.

You only need the Lens of Truth to complete the dungeon, but if you want to collect Gold Skulltulas, you can find three Small Keys. Return to the main room and activate the Lens of Truth, then follow the path counter-clockwise to find a small room with a chest holding another Small Key. Continue walking clockwise until you find a little room with a Small Key in a chest. Keep going clockwise until you encounter a doorway leading to a big chest with the Compass inside. Head back to the main room.

The third key is in the western-most room, which contains six coffins with torches on the ends. Kill the Gibdo and light the most southwestern torch in the room with a Deku Stick. A Small Key will be inside the now-opened coffin.

To collect the Gold Skulltulas, enter the inner chamber of the central room through a fake wall in any compass direction. Enter the locked door in the northeast corner of this room and use the Lens of Truth to find the invisible path along the wall leading to the first Gold Skulltula. Then, head through the locked door in the northwest corner of the inner room and collect the second Gold Skulltula on the wall. The third Skulltula is behind a door in the northeast, so be cautious of invisible pits. Kill all of the enemies and avoid more invisible pits to reach the last Gold Skulltula.

Once you’re done with the Bottom of the Well, you can move on to the Shadow Temple.

Shadow Temple

After obtaining the Lens of Truth, it’s time to tackle the Shadow Temple as an adult. Use the Nocturne of Shadows to warp to the temple entrance, and stand on the pedestal at the bottom of the stairs. Light all the surrounding torches with Din’s Fire to open the temple door. If you don’t have Din’s Fire, refer to the Fairy Fountain Locations section to obtain it.

In the Shadow Temple, make frequent use of the Lens of Truth, and keep your Magic Meter full enough to use it by collecting magic pots when needed. Cross the gap with your Longshot and pass through the false wall with a face on it.

To obtain the Dungeon Map, find the door in the room with the giant bird statue and the skulls. Enter the first room on the right, eliminate the enemies, and claim the map from the chest. The Hover Boots can be acquired by defeating Dead Hand in the hidden pathway in the following room.

Equip the Hover Boots and push the bird statue in the room with the giant circle of skull torches until it’s facing the real skull. This will unlock the east door, which can be reached by hovering over with the boots. In the room with the Beamos, use the Lens to find the real pathway and head to the right door. Collect all the silver rupees to obtain the Compass.

In the next room with falling spikes, use the Lens to find the big block in the wall. Push it along the path to block both sets of falling spikes and reveal a Gold Skulltula and a bundle of arrows in the cells. Use the spikes to reach the other side of the room, hit the switch, and collect the Small Key from the newly appeared chest.

Climb the steps in the next room, toss a bomb into the giant skull to acquire another Small Key, and use the Hover Boots to cross the fan room. Beware of the eye that shoots fire and the ReDeads in the following room. Exit and use the Hover Boots to run toward the opening in the wall to the right, blowing up the dirt mound and obtaining another Small Key.

On the other side of the abyss, use your bow to knock down the gargoyle statue and create a bridge. Navigate the invisible maze in the final room with the Lens, avoiding the Wallmasters, and acquire the Boss Key in the north room after using Din’s Fire to burn the wooden spiked walls.

Enter the Boss chamber and defeat Bongo Bongo by freezing his hands with the bow and shooting his eye with an arrow. The Biggoron’s Sword makes this battle easier. Claim the Heart Container and enter the portal to receive the Shadow Medallion from Impa.

Gerudo Valley

To access Gerudo Valley, head to the western side of Hyrule Field.

Gold Skulltula: In Hyrule Field, near the entrance of Gerudo Valley, you’ll find a cluster of boulders. Look for the one surrounded by smaller rocks, and blast it with a bomb. Use another bomb to reveal a secret grotto, where you’ll find three alcoves blocked by spider webs. Use Din’s Fire or Fire Arrows to burn the webs, and on the wall behind the cow, you’ll find a Gold Skulltula.

The bridge leading to Gerudo Valley is currently being repaired, so you’ll need Epona or the Longshot to cross it.

Gold Skulltulas: Once you’ve crossed the bridge, you can find a Gold Skulltula on the wall behind the tent at night. There’s also another one on a nearby stone pillar.

Heart Pieces in Gerudo Valley:
The first Heart Piece can be found on a small cliff above the water, opposite the carpenter’s tent. Drop off the ledge as far to the left of the “no diving” sign as possible. Walk to the grey boulder, then use the Longshot to reach the box on the other side. Break it to reveal a Heart Piece. The only way out is to jump into the waterway below, which leads to Lake Hylia.

To find the second Heart Piece, return to Gerudo Valley and drop off the northern portion of the ledge on the same side as the carpenter’s tent. Jump into the water and equip the Iron Boots. Walk north towards the waterfall and Longshot up to the ladder. Climb it to reach the Heart Piece.

Gerudo’s Fortress

To enter Gerudo’s Fortress, home of the all-female band of thieves known as the Gerudo, head west out of Gerudo Valley. Approach any guard to get thrown into jail, where you must attempt an escape. You can use the wooden awning in the window above to Longshot your way out. While escaping, grab the Heart Piece by using your Longshot to reach the treasure chest on the highest part of the building to the left of the window.

Your main goal is to free the master craftsman’s four workers imprisoned throughout the fortress. Be careful not to get caught by the Gerudo thieves, who are skilled fighters. Defeat them to get small keys used to unlock prisoners’ cages.

The first carpenter, Ichiro, is found by going through the door on the left after dropping to the ground level from the escape window. After defeating the guards, continue up the ramp on the south side of the fortress, knocking out the guard on the ledge above the white-clad thief. Go through the door that guard was pacing in front of, and free the carpenter named Jiro in the cell.

In the next passage, go through the door leading outside, and then through the nearby doorway. After defeating the guards, walk up the stairs on the opposite side and drop down onto the ledge to the north. Wait for the guard to pass, shoot her with an arrow, and continue down the passage to reach another prison cell. Defeat the Gerudo guard and free the carpenter named Sabooro.

Go through the door to your right, and walk down the passage to reach the last prisoner, Shiro. After freeing him, a Gerudo will give you the Gerudo Token, allowing you to roam free around the Gerudo Fortress.

Once you free the carpenters, they will finish the bridgework, making it easy to cross the gorge in Gerudo Valley. Be cautious and don’t attempt the Gerudo Training Grounds until you have the Silver Gauntlets from the Spirit Temple. If you’re interested, you can also check out the Horseback Archery Range mini-game to find a Gold Skulltula, a Heart Piece, and upgrade the size of your Quiver.

The Haunted Wasteland

Before attempting to traverse the dangerous Haunted Wasteland, there are two things you’ll need: the Lens of Truth and a doubled magic meter. If you’ve already finished the Shadow Temple, you should have the Lens of Truth. While the doubled magic meter isn’t entirely necessary, it’s helpful in case you make a mistake. You can find the doubled magic meter in a Great Fairy Fountain (check the Fairy Fountain Locations section for details).

To enter the Haunted Wasteland, climb the ladder in the northwest corner of the Gerudo’s Fortress and speak with the guard at the top. She will open the large gate and warn you of the two trials you’ll need to pass to successfully cross the wasteland. Once you pass through the open gate, you’ll need to enter the desert.

Be careful not to stand in one place for too long, or you’ll sink into the sand. Use the Longshot to cross the river of sand to the crates on the opposite side, and then carefully make your way across the desert by following the flags posted throughout the wasteland. If you stray from the path, the unforgiving wasteland will swallow you up and send you back to the beginning.

As you traverse the wasteland, you’ll come across a small stone building. Inside, you’ll find a Gold Skulltula and a purple rupee for lighting both torches with Din’s Fire.

Activate the Lens of Truth to see a Poe that will start floating away. Do not kill it. Follow it through the wasteland, avoiding the Leevers that emerge from the sand, until you reach the Desert Colossus.

Desert Colossus

Although there is no visible sandstorm, Leevers are plentiful in this area.

To acquire the Naryu’s Love spell, head towards the two trees on your right and destroy the cracked wall with a bomb. Play Zelda’s Lullaby while standing on the Triforce symbol inside, and the Great Fairy will grant you the spell.

When you try to progress through the Spirit Temple, you’ll find that you need the Silver Gauntlets to continue. Return to the Desert Colossus as a child, where Sheik will appear and teach you the final Ocarina song: the Requiem of Spirit.

If you visit the Desert Colossus at night, you can find a Gold Skulltula at the top of a tree on the south side. Stand in the pit to avoid the Leevers and use the Longshot to retrieve it.

Spirit Temple as a Child

If you want to find a Heart Piece and two Gold Skulltulas, be sure to bring a bug in a Bottle and a Magic Bean.

Once you enter the Spirit Temple, head up the stairs and to the left to find Nabooru, a Gerudo thief. Tell her “Nothing really,” and follow it up with “I hate Ganondorf!” to accept the task of retrieving the Silver Gauntlets. Before proceeding, head towards the two trees on your right, destroy the cracked wall with a bomb, and enter to play Zelda’s Lullaby standing on the Triforce symbol to receive the spell Naryu’s Love.

Inside the temple, you’ll face fiery enemies, so equip your Hylian Shield. Defeat all enemies in the room with two barred doors, a crawl hole, Keese, and an Armos in the center to open the doors. Cross the bridge, use Din’s Fire to incinerate the Anubis or lure it to the diamond switch’s fire, then avoid the Wallmaster and collect the silver rupees to create a bridge to the other side. Light the unlit torches to reveal a chest, and retrieve the Small Key from it to proceed.

Push the statue on your left onto a switch, light the two torches in front of the big statue on the lower level to obtain the Dungeon Map, and collect the silver rupees in the next room to make a small chest appear, containing a Small Key. Move the blocks around in the middle of the room to unlock the door, leading you to a room with an Iron Knuckle.

Defeat the Iron Knuckle and open the big chest to gain the Silver Gauntlets. After watching Nabooru being captured, return here as an adult to use the Silver Gauntlets and complete the rest of the Spirit Temple.

Before leaving the Desert Colossus as a child, plant a Magic Bean and drop some bugs into a patch of soft soil to uncover a Gold Skulltula. Return as an adult to ride the floating bean platform to reach a Heart Piece and a Gold Skulltula at night.

Spirit Temple as an Adult

As an adult, go back to the Spirit Temple and head to the previously unmovable giant block on the right. The Silver Gauntlets are automatically equipped, allowing you to push the block through the passage with ease. Defeat the Beamos and hit the crystal switch on the ceiling to unlock both doors.

To get the Compass, enter the door to your left, defeat the Wolfos, and play Zelda’s Lullaby on the Triforce symbol to reveal a chest. Use your Longshot to reach the chest and collect the Compass. Exit and enter the other door on the right to reach a room with rolling boulders and silver rupees to collect. Use your Hover Boots to grab the first one floating in mid-air.

To get the Dungeon Map, go through the newly opened door and defeat the Like-Like to get a Small Key from a chest. Use the key to access the next room, climb the high wall, and use the Lens of Truth to see the Floormaster. Defeat it, rotate the cobra mirror until the light hits the third sun symbol from the left, and go through the door. If you didn’t get the Dungeon Map as a child, light both torches in front of the large statue with Din’s Fire after dropping to the ground.

To get the Mirror Shield, ascend the stairs near the entrance and use the Hover Boots to reach the Triforce symbol on the giant statue’s open palm. Play Zelda’s Lullaby to reveal two treasure chests, and use your Longshot to reach the chest on the other palm to get a Small Key. Use the key to open the door in the northeast corner and smash the rusty switch with the Megaton Hammer to unlock the center door below.

To get the Boss Key, go through the locked door next to the flaming torch in the southeast corner and defeat the Anubis enemies. Use Din’s Fire or Fire Arrows to defeat them quickly or lure them over to the ring of fire that is created by stepping on the switch. When all enemies are defeated, the door will be unlocked, and you can enter a room with a sun inscription and four Armos statues. Use your Mirror Shield to reflect the light pouring in from the window onto the sun switch and unlock the door. Collect the Small Key from the chest inside and go back to the room where you fought the Anubis enemies to unlock the next door.

In the next room, Longshot to the uppermost section of the wall to avoid the walls’ shuffling back and forth into spiked. Destroy the Beamos, walk around the Blade Trap, and enter the next room. Blow up the fake door in the northwest corner to reveal a gold eye switch. Shoot it with an arrow to create a platform high up in the center of the room, and Longshot the target on the ceiling to get on top of the block. Jump on the switch, which removes the flames from the chest containing the Boss Key.

To reach the boss, activate the crystal switch in the previous room, defeat the Lizalfos, and aim the cobra mirrors towards the room with the giant mirror in the ceiling. Reflect light onto the sun switch to lower the platform, and use the Mirror Shield to direct the light onto the face of the giant statue to reveal a hidden passage behind it. Longshot over to the grating and unlock the Boss door. Defeat the Iron Knuckles and proceed to the next room to face Twinrova, the boss of the dungeon.

During the first phase of the fight, use the Mirror Shield to deflect the sisters’ magic back at them, matching their types of magic. During the second phase, absorb Twinrova’s attacks with the Mirror Shield and store them to unleash the same type of magic against her.

Ganon’s Castle

Once you enter Ganon’s Castle, you’ll find that the bridge to the entrance has been broken. However, the six Sages will lend their powers to create a new bridge for you to cross. Before proceeding, you can also find a Gold Skulltula on the white-bricked structure just to the right of the castle’s entrance.

In the main room of Ganon’s Castle, you’ll discover beams of energy being channeled into a central structure, creating an impenetrable barrier that you cannot access. To break through the barrier, you’ll need to sever these energy beams one-by-one. Each beam is linked to its corresponding Medallion, with the color of the energy beams denoting which Medallion they represent.

To tackle each individual room, you must utilize the power of all the Medallions and items you’ve obtained throughout your adventure. Most of the challenges in the rooms resemble their respective temple counterparts, with certain characteristics from each temple inserted as obstacles in the castle’s rooms.

The first barrier you’ll encounter is the Forest Barrier. In this room, you’ll need to light all the torches, including the one above the locked door. You’ll need both Din’s Fire and Fire Arrows to pull this off. Once all the torches are lit, you can enter the next room and destroy the pulsating core to dispel the barrier.

The second barrier is the Shadow Barrier. You can obtain the Golden Gauntlets in this barrier, which are required for a later part of the game. The unlit brazier on the right can be lit by shooting a Fire Arrow at it, which will create temporary platforms to bridge the gap between platforms. After collecting the Golden Gauntlets and destroying the core with a Light Arrow, you can exit the barrier and head to the Great Fairy Fountain outside the castle to obtain the Half Damage ability.

The third barrier is the Spirit Barrier, which features Blade Traps, Armos, and a Beamos in the first room. You’ll need to use bombchus to activate the unreachable diamond switch, and then destroy the core with a Light Arrow to dispel the barrier.

The fourth barrier is the Fire Barrier, which involves collecting silver rupees and avoiding sinking platforms. The most challenging rupees to collect are the one behind the spinning flame and the one far in the distance, which can be reached with the Golden Gauntlets. Once you’ve collected all the rupees, you can enter the next room and destroy the core with a Light Arrow to dispel the barrier.

The fifth and final barrier is the Water Barrier. You’ll need to break the icicles around the blue fire and capture it in a bottle to proceed. In the next room, you’ll need to push blocks into specific positions to solve a puzzle and unlock the door. Once you’ve dispelled this barrier by destroying the core with a Light Arrow, you can proceed to the central room.

In the central room, you’ll need to defeat the Dinolfos to unlock the door to the next room. In the subsequent rooms, you’ll need to defeat the Iron Knuckles to progress. After defeating both sets of Iron Knuckles, you’ll reach the final boss, Ganondorf.

In the first part of the battle, you’ll need to deflect Ganondorf’s electric projectile back at him with your shield and then shoot him with a Light Arrow to stun him. After he’s stunned, you can attack him with your sword. In the second part of the battle, you’ll need to hit Ganondorf with Light Arrows again and attack him with your sword to defeat him.

After you’ve defeated Ganondorf, you’ll need to follow Zelda down the castle tower to safety. However, the tower will start to crumble and rocks will start to fall, so you’ll need to be quick on your feet. Be sure to avoid the falling rocks and make your way down as fast as possible.

As you make your way down the tower, you’ll eventually reach a point where Zelda will be surrounded by fire, and you’ll need to fight off two Stalfos to free her. Be sure to defeat the Stalfos quickly, as they will reappear if you take too long. Once you’ve freed Zelda, you’ll need to hurry out of the castle.

Once you’ve made it out of the castle, you’ll need to deliver the final blow to Ganon. Use your Light Arrows to stun him and then hit him with your sword. If you don’t have any magic, you can get some by walking behind any of the remaining walls of the castle and letting Ganon slice right through them.

After you’ve defeated Ganon, the game will end, and you’ll be treated to the ending sequence, which features a celebration in honor of your heroic efforts. You’ll also be shown a glimpse of what the future holds for Hyrule.

Congratulations! You’ve completed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.