Noah Glaser

Instructional Technologist

The Formative Design of Epilepsy Journey: A Web-Based Executive Functioning Intervention for Adolescents with Epilepsy

epilepsy journey


This case study discusses the design, development, and formative evaluation of Epilepsy Journey, an individually tailored, web-based intervention designed to address the unique executive functioning (EF) needs of adolescents with epilepsy. This intervention was designed through a three-phase iterative, patient-centered participatory action research process. First, a front-end analysis was completed to identify the unique needs of adolescents with epilepsy and initial design ideas via focus groups. Second, a preliminary design of the intervention was developed from focus group results. Finally, we iteratively incorporated revisions and refinements based on patient-centered feedback collected during usability sessions. Findings based on usage analytics, user reports, and coded qualitative themes from usability sessions suggest that our iterative, patient-centered approach to design, development, and evaluation resulted in a visually appealing interactive and brief intervention that is both engaging and individually tailored to the needs of adolescents with epilepsy.


Noah J. Glaser, Matthew Schmidt, Shari L. Wade, Aimee Smith, Luke Turnier, & Avani C. Modi


Journal of Formative Design in Learning